Mother Nature's Daughter [Listen]
Goin' Goin' Gone [Listen]
The Tennessee Rifle Company [Listen]
Flying Into the Flame [Listen]
Billy Boy Blue [Listen]
Love-Slave Stick-Up [Listen]
Take You, Take Me [Listen]
The End Of My Day [Listen]
DidnWannaDoIt! [Listen]


Some Other Songs From Some Other Projects

Good Luck Charm (Schroeder/Gold) [Listen]
Nature Boy [Listen]
Golden Earrings [Listen]
Aw, Dustin * [Listen]
Faraway Places [Listen]
Calling All Angels (live) [Listen]

All Album Songs Copyright © 2009 Plakson/Ferguson
* Written by Suzie Plakson as a wrap gift to Dustin Hoffman after Wag The Dog.
Copyright © 2005 S. Plakson

Note: all music encoded in MP3 format at 192kbps.