Suzie's played (regularly, recurringly, and fleetingly):

A smartass pawnshop owner on Bones.
A curmudgeonly sportswriter on Love and War.
A nice Midwestern mom on How I Met Your Mother.
A jailed art dealer on Eli Stone.
A gay gynecologist on Mad About You.
A nasty ex-wife on Everybody Loves Raymond.
A narcissistic psychiatrist on Bette.
A personal assistant in Wag the Dog.
A smart alec flight attendant in RedEye.
A disgruntled engineer in Disclosure.
A slightly schizo circus hostess in Bingo.
A witch on wheels at Radio City Music Hall (see Writing: Kicking It).
A temperamental stage star in Light Up The Sky.
A temperamental movie star in The Man Who Came to Dinner.
A temperamental soulmate in Private Lives.
A Russian, a German, an Englishwoman, a Texan, opposite T. Newley in the USA revival tour of Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.
A Vulcan, a half-Klingon, an Andorian, and a Q in various Star Trek series.
A crowd of characters doing improv. comedy on the Bowery.
A histrionic marquise in LaBete on Broadway.
A voice for things like Suave, Honda, Buick, Christian Children's Fund...
A voice for a blue brontosaurus real estate agent on Dinosaurs, and many guest dinosaurs.
There've also been other guest spots on TV, other movies, thankfully dead comedy pilots, and a variety of off-off Broadway and regional theatre fiascos.

Suzie wrote and performed a solo show -- "An Evening With Eve"--  in which she played, yes, the Old Testament's most infamous woman. (Most likely, she'll be, at some point within the next fifty years, returning to it and expanding on it.)

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